This is American Craft Wine

It was time to break away. From convention. From those that would say things like “make sure your structure is firm and your acidity is lively.” It was time to create something to call our own. A wine for the people.

So, we brought forth a union of wines unshackled by the past, yet deeply rooted in the American ideal of “whatever I’m drinking should taste good dammit.” Distinctly American craft wines wrought with as much character and bold spirit as the figures that don every bottle.

Born from the virtues of every forward-thinking, hard-working, red-blooded American, this is The Federalist. This Is American Craft Wine.

The Winesmith

The “Smith” is master of his element. Whether it be iron, gold or wine, his craft is wrought slowly, day after day, year after year. A Winesmith toils over every vine, grape, barrel and bottle to make his wine bring one thing to the proverbial table. Damn. Good. Taste.

The Vines

Ever spend time with a vine? We do on the daily. Every wonderfully gnarled inch, twisting, turning and contorting, as it stretches up and out of the earth bearing the key to our entire process - the grapes.

The Grapes

There they are in all their glory, huddled up and gently dangling from the vine. Warm, waxy and perfectly ripe, they are the single most precious thing to a Winesmith...until he brutally smashes them into a pulp.

The Juice

Now it’s starting to look like the American Craft Wine we know and love. From the deep dark purple of our reds to the light luscious gold of our Chardonnay, it’s finally ready to get up close and personal with the tasty oak of our barrels.

The Barrels

A craft all their own from century-old-oak and friction-fit iron hoops, right down to The Federalist mark. If the cooper didn’t artfully work every inch of the barrel to impart those final touches of flavor, our wine wouldn’t taste so damned good.

The Bottles

The curve of the neck to the shoulder, the depth of the body all the way down to the heel. Stay with us here, we’re talking about wine bottles. The capsule, the closure, the punt and finally those gorgeous labels featuring the handsome mugs of our forefathers. We take great care in every part so you can enjoy every last drop.

The Glass

We make wine. That’s our thing. When it comes to how you drink it, you do you. We favor a humble vessel as our focus has always been what goes in it. Not too sleek. Not too showy, but it is beautiful. Short, stout and resolutely crafted for one purpose. The Federalist.